#01 Why I want to be a Business Owner

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Ayaka Tanagura
Ayaka Tanagura
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Ayaka Tanagura

There was a time when I couldn’t give a clear answer to that question.

During my second year of high school, I studied abroad in Los Angeles and encountered business leaders. The initial response was driven by admiration, a mere aspiration.

Now, upon introspection, I redefine the meaning of becoming a leader and articulate my aspirations.

Family Background

To set the stage, my family background doesn’t include parents who are business owners or grandparents with companies. In contrast to those who often have entrepreneurial parents, I have learned from my parents’ example.

My parents work in a factory, with my mother handling monotonous tasks on a conveyor belt in a factory setting. Originally trained in medical office administration, she had a well-paying job aligned with her interests. However, after marriage, the move to a rural area limited job opportunities more than anticipated.

Furthermore, returning home involved constant venting about workplace grievances, a habit my younger sister also adopted. Blaming others and the environment for their situation became a daily routine.

Blaming Others

Criticism of classmates, an unwillingness to admit fault, and complaints about not being able to live in the city if our family were wealthier – these were common refrains.

My mother claimed she couldn’t change jobs because having a child meant prioritizing the child, and the uncertain future made switching jobs impossible.

Rather than making an effort to change their circumstances, they blamed others and the environment for their predicament.

Spirit of Rebellion

I refuse to follow that path.

Is it enjoyable for adults to give up their jobs after marriage, blame others constantly, and passively accept assigned tasks at work while complaining about colleagues?

I don’t want to be like that.

Desire for Freedom

Above all, my mother and sister lack the freedom to make choices, both financially and temporally.

I want a state where, if I decide to move, I can move freely – a state without financial or time constraints.

This desire led me to overcome the dilemma of dropping out of high school, faced in my first year, and make the decision to study fashion in Los Angeles during my second year.

My high school lacked exchange programs, had no affiliated schools, and I had to find an agent on my own. I attended informational sessions alone, crafted a persuasive essay to convince my parents, and, with the help of the agent, achieved an environment and outcome that satisfied me.

By overcoming the constraints of school and family, I found a new dream: to be a “business owner.”

Gratitude to Family

Ultimately, I want to repay my family.

I dream of creating financial and temporal freedom to travel, enjoy good food, and show my children the world. I want to prove that living a happy and free life is possible.

By succeeding without blaming my environment and showing that believing in oneself can lead to success, I can eliminate the tendency to shift blame onto others.

To achieve this, I chose the path of a freelancer from my university days. I made the decision not to engage in job hunting, and now, it’s time to take responsibility.

I will continue to strive for success to become a respectable business owner.

Keywords for Life

Independence, self-discipline, self-responsibility, freedom, flexibility, choice, proactiveness, initiative.

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